Schlagwort-Archive: Gracilitarsidae

Eutreptodactylus itaboraiensis Baird & Vickers-Rich

This enigmatic bird from the Late Paleocene of Brazil is known only from a single, broken tarsometatarsus, which, however, apparently can be assigned to the cuckoos.

I cannot say that much about this bird, it appears to have been quite large for a Paleocene bird species, and it may indeed have been a real cuckoo or it may have been something completely different.


A little (long overdue) update … since this species is now thought to be closely related to – or even included within the family Gracilitarsidae.

The bird in my reconstruction still is about 15 cm long, about one third larger than Gracilitarsus mirabilis Mayr, the sole known species of its genus.



edited: 28.07.2019

Fossil record of the Piciformes

Family incertae sedis

Picavus litencicensis Mayr & Gregorova

Piciformes gen. & sp. ‘Herrlingen, Germany’


Capitonides europaeus Ballmann
Capitonides protractus Ballmann

Galbulidae (?)

“Neanis” kistneri (Feduccia)


Eutreptodactylus itaboraiensis Baird & Vickers-Rich (?)

Gracilitarsus mirabilis Mayr


Pogoniolus (?) sp. ‘Kohfidisch, Austria’


Australopicus nelsonmandelai Manegold & Louchart

Dendrocopos major ssp. submajor Jánossy
Dendrocopos praemedius Jánossy

Palaeonerpes shorti Cracraft & morony

Picus peregrinabundus Umanska
Picus pliocaenicus Kessler

Pliopicus brodkorbi Feduccia & Wilson

Ramphastidae (?)

Rupelramphastoides kopfi Mayr


Oligosylphe mourerchauvireae Mayr & Smith

Palaegithalus cuvieri (Gervais)

Sylphornis bretouensis Mourer-Chauviré


edited: 08.03.2019