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Starling sketches

I made some sketches today, they’re supposed to be Rarotongan Starlings (Aplonis cinerascens).


a somewhat transformed copy

I personally prefer these freehand sketches, at least the one on the right side, it somehow looks more life-like than the drawing above.

some freehanded sketches

Cook Islands Sandpiper ?

I just found an interesting account from the 19th century that mentions the Kiribati / Tuamotu Sandpiper (Prosobonia cancellata Peale / parvirostris J. F. Gmelin) as Phegornis cancellatus from the Hervey Islands (today the atoll Manuae in the northern Cook Islands). [1]

Is this just an error, or is it a report of a last population of the subfossil Prosobonia sp. that is known from Mangaia, Cook Islands?

I wish I had more time for all that, but sadly I have to work for a living (… it’s actually more work than living ….).


[1] Lionel K. Wiglesworth: Aves polynesiae: a catalogue of the birds of the Polynesian subregion (not including the Sandwich Islands). Berlin: R. Friedlaender & Sohn 1891 In: Abhandlungen und Berichte des Königl. Zoologischen und Anthropologisch-Etnographischen Museums zu Dresden Bd. 3: 1-84. 1890/91. herausgegeben von Hofrath Dr. A. B. Meyer, Director des Museums


edited: 10.10.2018