Jurassic Bird – Alcmonavis poeschli Rauhut, Tischlinger & Foth

Having just been described, this new bird is known only from wing elements so far, which, in shape, at least for my eyes, are very similar to those of Archaeopteryx albersdoerferi Kundrát et al. and Wellnhoferia grandis Elżanowski in shape, or maybe even more similar to that of Jeholornis prima Zhou & Zhang from China.


The ’new‘ bird lived at what was the Solnhofen Archipelago back then about 150 million years ago, alongside the more famous Archaeopterygidae, but apparently was not a close relative of them.

The few bones known so far show that the bird apparently was better adapted for flying than the contemporaneous archaeopterygian birds, but besides this it superficially might have looked very similar to them in life.


Up to now only the remains of a single arm, respectively wing, are known – let’s hope there’s more to come.



[1] Oliver W. M. Rauhut; Helmut Tischlinger; Christian Foth: A non-archaeopterygid avialan theropod from the Late Jurassic of southern Germany eLife DOI: 10.7554/eLife.43789.001. 2019 


edited: 15.05.2019

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